Reel to ReelLead frame molding, or reel-to-reel insert molding, is used to efficiently manufacture and assemble small parts that combine small metal and plastic components into a single composite piece. During the molding process, a continuous metal “carrier” strip is precisely fed from a feed reel through a plastic injection mold and on to a take-up reel or simply de-gated. The take-up reel containing the parts can be used by customers in automated production equipment for hands-off operation.





Insert molding is the process of placing a metal, plastic, ceramic or rigid insert into a custom built mold and injecting plastic into this mold. The insert can be placed in the mold either by hand or by an automated process. When plastic is injected, it fills the open areas around the inserts, creating the final product. Insert molding is typically used for high volume production.




MicromoldingThe definition of Micro Molding varies across the plastics industry, but usually refers to molding plastic components weighing under one gram. Parts will usually have “micro features” with dimensions measuring less than 5 thousandths of an inch. At In’Tech, we understand that the most critical components can also be the smallest!




OvermoldingOvermolding is a type of injection molding which uses two or more materials to form one final component comprised of each material. Each material used may have different properties such as color, rigidity, heat sensitivity, and many others. The materials in the end product are chemically bonded which creates a robust product. Overmolding can increase the functionality and performance of a part while reducing production overhead to create a cost competitive product.